Business English

Business English is an extremely interesting, engaging, intensive and useful course if you are working or planning to work in the business environment. You will learn not only needed vocabulary and format but learn different aspects connected with culture, etiquette, tips for effective communication, which takes place both in business world and every day life: travelling, shopping, etc. To do the course you will need to be at least level A2.

Business English offers 4 levels: A2, B1, B2 and C1.

For instance, by the end of the course B1 you will be able to:

-          start and end a telephone conversation, make arrangements/ complain on the phone

-           identify equivalents in British and American English

-          make suggestions at the seminar

-          book a hotel and talk about hotel’s facilities.

-          speak about different types of organisations and status symbols

-          maintain a small talk during a conference, learnt tips of how to behave and start networking

-          participate in a meeting 

-          write an e-mail with recommendations

-          talk about finance using a wide array of set-expressions and relevant vocabulary

-          present an advertising campaign: logo, slogan, celebrity endorsement, etc.

-          write a CV and cover letter

-          talk about imported and exported goods

-          a report giving an action plan for the coming year to improve services

-          use a wide array of expressions for balancing arguments, making a decision, etc.

-          write a character reference

-          carry out negotiations

-          write both informal and formal e-mails/letters/postcards

-          complete charts & tables

-          take notes/ minutes at the meeting/ seminar




The course covers areas connected with:

-          Advertising

-          Marketing

-          Finances

-          Promotion

-          Travelling

-          Trade

-          Quality

-          Employment

-          Ethics

-          Innovation

-          Competition


By the end of B1-C1 levels you can take the international Exam in Business BEC Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC) .