Dependable Prepositions
About  At BY In For From On Of To With
agree angry bored believe apologise  * (s-t)  absent blame (s-o) accuse add agree
annoyed annoyed shocked confide (s-o) apply different сoncentrate afraid admit angry
anxious bad surprised interested arrange safe congratulate approve apologise * (s-o)  annoyed
argue good   involve ask*(s-th)   depend ashamed be accustomed argue
boast guess   specialise blame   insist aware be used begin
certain laugh   succeed care   keen capable belong bored
dream look   take part famous   rely die confess charge
excited surprised     forgive (s-o) * (s-t)     dream (s-t) explain * (s-o)  deal
happy       late     fond grateful discuss * (s-o) 
know       look     full kind happy
laugh       pay     good * you lend * (s-o)  pleased
pleased       ready     jealous listen provide *(s-t)
read       search     rob married share * (s-o) 
right       sorry     smell object trust
sorry       vote     taste reply trust * (s-t) 
talk *(s-t)       wait     warn talk to (s-o)