Phrasal Verbs B2 level

get off with (a fine)

get away with

run out of

end up

go round

go down with

come up with

come across as

get over

tell off    

fall out (with)

get off

make up

put off

take after

take off

do up (a house)

go off

put up with

put down (a person)

put down (a dog)

look up to

look down on

let down

do away with 

отделаться штрафом

escape unpunished

not to have enough

do something in the end which you didn’t intend to do

(be enough for everybody)

ecome ill with something

to have good ideas

to seem at first sight



stop being friends

alight (leave a bus/train, etc)

become friends again



become successful (business)

decorate a flat

bad (about food)



give drugs to animals to stop them from suffering

admire and respect

treat others if you were better


dispense (упразнить: закон, постановление)