Russian Language

The Russian language is becoming increasingly popular in both the cultural and business world. It goes without saying, that the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the language environment, which could be easily done if you learn a language where it is widely spoken. Odessa is definitely the right place to learn Russian for many reasons:

-      Even though Odessa is in Ukraine, it is a Russian speaking city.

-      Odessa is famous for its unique sense of humour. So it is great fun to stay in a place like that.

-   Odessa has always attracted famous artists. Amongst them are: A.Pushkin, I.Bunin, N.Gogol, B.Pasternak, A.Akhmatova, L.Tolstoy,  A.Chekhov, and many others.

-      Odessa is renowned for its cultural diversity and laidback people.

-     Only in Odessa you can find the quietest and the busiest places from the leafy city centre to the lively and flamboyant night life along the beach.

-      Odessa is an ideal place to make new friends, as Odessans are extremely sociable and open people. You will learn Russian through communication.


Rhys in Odessa-      You will learn Russian  by visiting amazing museums and world famous theatres.

All our teachers are not only native speakers of the Russian language, but also highly qualified professionals, who use all contemporary methods of teaching foreign languages. Apart from the main course, we also resort to authentic materials, NLP elements and laughter therapy. You will be able to read Pushkin and Chekhov in the original, watch films by Tarkovskyi and Mikhalkov with ease and therefore enjoyment.


Odessa, Primorskiy bulvar

If you are not attracted by art, you may definitely need Russian for business. Business in the countries of the post Soviet Union period is growing in popularity and offers great opportunities. Your business partners don't have to be necessarily from Russia, but also from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and many other countries, which have great potential and invaluable resources. In all those countries the Russian language is both spoken and understood. Knowing the language of the country you are doing business with has definitely a great number of advantages, but by learning the language in Odessa on top of the language itself you will benefit from learning about Russian culture and mentality. “Southern Albion” will make sure you will make the most of your stay in Odessa. 


Enjoy learning!


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